2A Limestone | PA2A

PennDOT 2A has a 2 inch top size and many fines. Great compaction and used as a road base and under slabs.  Primarily a clean material that will compact and will drain.

#4 Slag


#2 Slag

SIze:  1.5" .  Top dress used for pads, parking areas or driveways.  Not to be used for Base material when paving over

  • NEYRA Force Asphalt Sealer | Bulk for Contractors and 5 Gallon Buckets
  • Neyra Thermoflex Crackfiller
  • White Silica Sand
  • Driveway/Parking Lot Supplies
  • Black Beauty Sand
  • 6' Bumper Blocks
  • Tack Coat
Premium Brown Shredded  Bark

Black Hardwood Chip

1b Slag

Decorative stone, drainage material or can be used for walkways and pathways.


2B Limestone | #57

 PennDOT 2B has a 1 1/2 inch top size and is a clean material that is often used for backfill for retaining walls, used for subase, and sometimes used as driveway stone.  Does not compact.

​​​#4 Gravel

2b Gravel

Larger decorative stone used for similar applications as the pea gravel.  Can also be used for backfill.


Natural Triple Shred

#3 Slag

1b | Pea Gravel

Decorative stone used for pathways, driveways, landscaping and home aquariums.

#3 Gravel

Decorative stone to line walkways, landscaped areas, pathways, rock gardens, etc.  Variable sizes make it very versatile.​

​​​ASPHALT SEALER & Sealcoating Supplies

​​​​​​LIMESTONE (State Certified)

4 Limestone | #1

4 inch top size, sometimes called ballast.  Great for subgrade stabilization. Used for construction entrances, road base and ditch lining.  Clean material that does not compact.​

3 Limestone | #3

This material is similar to #1, but has a 2.5 inch top size.  It is also a bulky material but is somewhat easier to handle.  Used mostly in drainage situations. Clean material that does not compact​

  • Salt | Bulk and Bagged
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Anti-skid (#8)
  • ​Cinders
  • Winter Premium Cold Patch