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Meadow Lands Supply is proud to be a leading landscape and construction supply company, servicing Allegheny County and beyond. We specialize in providing high-quality concrete catch basins, among other essential building materials, to a diverse range of clients including residential homeowners, commercial businesses, construction companies, landscapers, and municipalities. Our commitment to offering both bulk and contractor pricing makes us a go-to source for concrete catch basins. At Meadow Lands Supply, we understand the importance of reliable, durable concrete catch basins for any construction or landscaping project.

Allegheny County is a region rich in diversity and growth. With a population exceeding 1.2 million, it’s a bustling metropolitan area that seamlessly combines urban and rural landscapes. Key landmarks like the historic Carnegie Museum of Natural History are nestled within this dynamic county. Its wide-ranging terrain, from city streets to sprawling parks, makes Allegheny County an ideal location for varied construction and landscaping needs, including the demand for quality concrete catch basins. Our knowledge of the area’s distinct characteristics ensures that we provide products well-suited to the local environment and infrastructure needs.

In Allegheny County and the surrounding areas, the need for sturdy and reliable concrete catch basins is paramount, given its diverse landscape and infrastructure. Meadow Lands Supply is positioned to meet this requirement, offering a wide range of concrete catch basins suitable for various applications. Our convenient location, which is easily accessible from the highway, is directly off of the Meadow Lands Exit on Rt. 79. This strategic location allows us to efficiently serve our clients in Allegheny County and its surrounding areas. Whether for a large-scale municipal project or a personal landscaping endeavor, our concrete catch basins are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Trust Meadow Lands Supply for all your concrete catch basin needs in Allegheny County and beyond.

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Allegheny County Concrete Catch Basins

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