1A Limestone Dust

3/8″ top size and smaller. Most commonly used for concrete block, masonry, and pipe bedding, this material will not compact, and will drain slowly.

1B Limestone

.5″ top size, no fines. This material is used in ready mix concrete and hot mix asphalt, and is commonly used for driveway, walkways, and drainage. 1B Limestone is a clean material that does not compact well.

2A Limestone

1.5″ top size and many fines. 2A Limestone has great compaction and is used as a road base as well as under slabs. Primarily a clean material, it will not drain.

2B Limestone

1.5″ top size. This clean material is often used for backfill for retaining walls, as well as for subbase and driveway stone. 2B Limestone will not compact.

#3 Limestone

3″ top size. Despite being a bit bulkier, this material is relatively easy to handle. A clean material that does not compact, #3 Limestone is used mostly in drainage situations.

#4 Limestone

If you have any questions about #4 Limestone, feel free to give us a call at (724) 249-2012.