Meadow Lands Supply is a beacon of excellence in the landscape and construction supply industry. As a woman-owned business, we place a high value on customer service and are committed to ensuring that every interaction with us is exceptional. We are more than just a supplier; we are a partner in your construction and landscaping endeavors. Whether you need sand for a new project or other materials to bring your vision to life, Meadow Lands Supply is here to serve the Allegheny County area and beyond with dedication and expertise.

Allegheny County, within the heart of our service area, is a vibrant region with a diverse population exceeding 1.2 million residents. This area is not only rich in culture but also in landmarks, such as the iconic Andy Warhol Museum and the scenic Point State Park. These landmarks, along with the county’s dynamic urban and rural landscapes, provide a perfect environment for both residential and commercial projects, making it an ideal location for our wide range of landscape and construction supplies.

In Allegheny County and the surrounding areas, where the blend of historical charm and modern development creates a constant need for high-quality construction materials, Meadow Lands Supply distinguishes itself. Our commitment to offering American-made products and recycling services for unwanted soil and landscaping materials underscores our dedication to sustainability and community support. Whether you’re in Allegheny County searching for sand or any other essential construction material, Meadow Lands Supply is equipped and eager to support your projects. With our focus on customer satisfaction and a comprehensive selection of supplies, we’re here to make your construction and landscaping projects as smooth and successful as possible.

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Allegheny County Sand

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