Meadow Lands Supply is your source for landscape supplies, construction supplies, and winter supplies. As a trusted name in the industry, Meadow Lands Supply proudly serves residential homeowners, commercial businesses, construction companies, landscapers, and municipalities. Our commitment to quality and affordability has made us a top choice for winter supplies and more.

Allegheny County, located in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania, is a vibrant and historically rich region that encompasses the city of Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. This dynamic region is home to the iconic Mount Washington, offering breathtaking views of Pittsburgh and showcasing the area’s rich history and natural beauty.

Meadow Lands Supply’s convenient facility, just off the Meadow Lands Exit on Rt. 79, ensures accessibility for contractors and residential customers alike. As the winter season approaches, we stock a wide range of essential winter supplies to meet the needs of Allegheny County’s residents. From top-quality de-icing products to other winter essentials, our inventory is customized to meet your seasonal needs.

When it comes to winter supplies in Allegheny County, Meadow Lands Supply would like to become your trusted source. Our strategic location, extensive inventory, and dedication to customer satisfaction make us a preferred choice in the region. Meadow Lands Supply is here to help you stay safe and prepared during the winter season.

Contact us today at (724) 249-2012 to experience the Meadow Lands Supply difference and secure the top-quality products you need this winter. 

Allegheny County Winter Supplies

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