Meadow Lands Supply offers the greatest in premium winter cold patch and cold patch supply. Even if you need salt, calcium chloride, cinders or anti-skid materials, we got that too! Premium winter cold patch is a practical solution to porous asphalt in cold and wet conditions. Many of our customers from Cecil appreciate that we offer them such a reliable source of pothole repair supply. Visit our asphalt repair supply and premium winter cold patch store to see the variety of winter materials we carry. That’s why Cecil residents come to us for all of their cold patch supply needs!

Cecil Asphalt Repair Supply

Cecil is located in Washington County, Pennsylvania and has a population of 11,271. Let us go above and beyond your expectations, don’t settle for less when you can get more variety in winter supplies. Meadow Lands provides products for both residents and business owners alike. Even though we are under new ownership, you can be sure that we are just as committed to providing the best cold patch supply available!

Cecil Pot Hole Repair Supply

Meadow Lands provides the most excellent cold patch supply that will keep your sidewalks and parking lots safe. We carry bulk winter supplies that are available for pick up or delivery. Prevention is essential to avoid an unwanted fall or accident during the nasty winter months. Let us be your only winter supply source. Call Meadow Lands Supply today at (724) 249-2012 or visit our Facebook page to find out more about our premium winter cold patch!

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