When you need the ice melt store you can depend on, you need Meadow Lands Supply near Eighty Four! We have the traditional rock salt and ice melt supply for any size ice prevention need, including calcium chloride that outweighs traditional deicing materials without the damaging effects. Our motto, “the whole nine yards, for all four seasons,” means that we have it all, all year round, including ice melt to keep your walkways clear and safe this winter.

Eighty Four Ice Melt Supply

Whether you need anti-skid material, calcium chloride, or other ice melt supply near Eighty Four, come to Meadow Lands. The census-designated area in Washington County, PA, known as Eighty Four, lies approximately 25 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. Home to the 84 Lumber company headquarters and with more than 650 residents, the people of Eighty Four understand when they need ice melt supply Meadow Lands is the ice melt store to trust.

Eighty Four Ice Melt Store

Many of the home and business owners in Eighty Four are satisfied customers of Meadow Lands, the premier ice melt store and supplier of bagged salt and ice melt supply for the community. We cater to contractors as well as residential and commercial customers for all your winter ice melt needs. Come in today and let a Meadow Lands Supply specialist help you find the ice melt materials that will work best for your property.

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