We are under new ownership and dedicated to helping you get prepared for winter with the salt supply that reduces ice on sidewalks and parking lots. Our team keeps you safe in the winter months by removing icy areas quickly with products like calcium chloride and anti-skid. We are happy to offer a salt supply near you that is dependable. We are a salt supply store that carries the best winter supplies near Eighty Four. We provide ice salt at Meadow Lands along with a variety of salt supplies.

Salt Supply Near Eighty Four

Meadow Lands is ideal because of its convenient location which provides easy pick up for all your salt supplies. We chose our selection of salt supply products based on quality. We offer you a salt supply near Eighty Four, Pennsylvania that can help preventable accidents. The small community of Eighty Four is only 25 miles southwest of Pittsburgh and has a population of just 657. The picturesque country views are just one of the impressive features Eighty Four offers. From our yard to yours we offer ice salt and other salt supplies that will meet your winter weather needs.

Eighty Four Salt Supply Store

Meadow Lands salt supply store wants to help reduce the liability of your business with a salt supply. Be ready for the rough winter with a salt supply that will keep you covered all winter long. Get the bulk salt supplies you need whether its ice salt bags or a haul of bulk ice salt. Call Meadow Lands Supply at (724) 249-2012 to get the salt supplies you need at a quality price. Get the bagged salt, cinders or premium winter cold patch by contacting our store.

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