When you are looking for a reliable bagged salt supplier in the McGovern area, Meadow Lands Supply is the only name you need to know. We have reliable options, including anti-skid, cinders, calcium chloride, cold patch, and more! You will not find a better-bagged salt supply store than Meadow Lands, so do not waste time searching. Meadow Lands is the most reliable for the bagged salt supply you need near McGovern.

McGovern Bagged Salt Supply

The premium bagged salt offered by Meadow Lands allows McGovern residents to remain safe on the road. With a population of 3,209, McGovern is a Census Designated Place in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Meadow Lands is the bagged salt store you can rely on. When you get your bagged salt supply from us, you can have peace of mind that it will deliver the results you are looking for!

McGovern Bagged Salt Store

Survive the intense ice of the winter with the bagged salt supply from Meadow Lands, and you will be happy you took this step in protecting yourself and your loved ones. Pennsylvania weather can be harsh and troublesome! Meadow Lands has bagged salt supplies to protect from slipping and sliding. Remember Meadow Lands Supply as the best-bagged salt store near McGovern.
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