Meadow Lands Supply helps you prepare for the winter with bagged salt that reduces the likelihood of slips and falls on the ice. No one wants to experience a fall on the ice, so let our team keep you safe in the winter months by removing icy areas. We offer a bagged salt supply near you that will cover your home and business. We are a dependable bagged salt store that guarantees to be here for you in all four seasons. McMurray area residents can find their bagged salt at Meadow Lands along with a variety of bagged salt supplies.

McMurray Bagged Salt Supply

Visit Meadow Lands’ convenient location and pick up cinders, calcium chloride, anti-skid, and cold patch supplies. We aim to please with our selection of bagged salt supply products. We offer the best-bagged salt supply near McMurray, Pennsylvania. McMurray is just 23 miles from downtown Pittsburgh with a population of over 4,700. You will find bagged salt that is priced well, and other bagged salt supplies that will meet your winter weather needs.

McMurray Bagged Salt Store

What sets us apart is that we are available 24/7 to the public, and our bagged salt supplies are hand-picked for quality. Meadow Lands gets you ready for whatever the winter might throw at you with a bagged salt supply that will last you the winter. If your home or business needs bagged salt supplies that need to be delivered, let us know. If you want outstanding service from a bagged salt store, call Meadow Lands Supply.

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