Now is the time to prepare for cold conditions at our winter supply store. Meadow Lands Supply is under new ownership, and we give you our guarantee to provide you with the best winter materials and winter supplies. Our team is ready to help reduce the stresses of winter by offering you a winter supply of goods that keep the snow melted and ice away from your driveways and porches. We provide winter supplies near you that can be picked up or delivered. McMurray customers value the fact they can reach Meadow Lands for winter supplies 24/7.

Winter Supplies Near McMurray

Meadow Lands is proud to offer better winter materials and winter supplies to our loyal and new customers. When possible we offer a winter supply that is locally sourced. It is a privilege to provide you with the best winter supplies near McMurray, Pennsylvania. McMurray is a smaller community with a population of 4,726. McMurray is currently under the Peters Township Council’s jurisdiction. You will find winter supplies and winder materials that are priced economically. Meadow Lands winter supply store is under new ownership and available to customers anytime.

McMurray Winter Supply Store

Meadow Lands wants our customers to beat Frosty at his own game by being prepared for the cold and ice with the best of our winter supply. Whether it’s your home or business that needs bulk winter supplies we want you to know we can deliver them for you. We also have a Pennsylvania State Certified Scale. As a winter supply store, Meadow Lands Supply is dedicated to offering our customers the best in winter materials so call (724) 249-2012. We take pride in handpicking our winter supplies for quality and cost-effectiveness.

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