Meadow Lands Supply is the best in the gravel supply business. When it comes to helping you find the slag supply you desire, Meadow Lands is here to help. No matter what outdoor project you are undertaking, our professional and knowledgeable team will help you find the perfect type of pea gravel and slag supply you need. Pea gravel is small and can be used in aquariums as well as landscaping projects. Meadow Lands can get you the quality gravel supply or slag you need in the Peters Township area, and you will love our prices.

Peters Township Gravel

Offering a variety of sizes and colors of slag, Meadow Lands has the gravel supply you need near Peters Township. Peters Township is in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, with a population of 4,449. Meadow Lands helps with year-round landscaping needs and high-quality slag supply to meet your needs. We have the pea gravel, gravel supply, and slag needed to tackle any project in the Peters Township area.

Peters Township Slag

Meadow Lands not only provides high-quality slag, but we can also haul and deliver bulk orders. Our gravel supply will maintain your landscape from our yard to yours by providing the “Whole Nine Yards For All 4 Seasons.” With a wide array of options, Meadow Lands has the slag you are looking for. Our team will provide you with the slag supply or pea gravel you desire. Meadow Lands Supply exclusively chooses all of our high-quality slag and gravel supply.
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