When you are looking for an environmentally sound fertilizer choice, Meadow Lands Supply can help! We have the mushroom manure supplies you are looking for at prices you will appreciate. Mushroom manure compost is a beautiful addition to your gardening efforts. It is a naturally good soil builder and can even help break down dense clay. When you are ready to upgrade your landscaping efforts, remember the mushroom manure company, Meadow Lands.

Canonsburg Mushroom Manure Supply

Located near Canonsburg, you can find the mushroom manure supply you need at Meadow Lands. The borough of Canonsburg in Washington County, PA, is home to nearly 9,000 residents. Canonsburg is rich in coal production with steel mills and coal mines, making up most of the local jobs. Many Canonsburg residents rely on Meadow Lands for their landscaping nutrition and the mushroom manure supplies that keep the soil moist and gardens blooming!

Canonsburg Mushroom Manure Supplies

The customer service team at Meadow Lands are well-trained and know how to assist your mushroom manure needs. They will work with you to create a plan that blends your gardening ideas with practical options for your budget to provide you with a quality, customized mushroom manure supply order. If you need a free estimate or want to learn about the new ownership of the mushroom manure company Meadow Lands Supply, call us today!

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