Seasons come, and seasons go, but you can be sure that Meadow Lands Supply is here to prepare you for the “Whole 9 Yards For All 4 Seasons.” Our salt supply helps keep you safe in the winter months by eliminating icy areas. We offer residential and commercial options for a salt supply near you. We offer a Pennsylvania State Certified Scale to weigh out bulk products as a dependable salt supply store. Get your bulk ice salt near Canonsburg, stop by Meadow Lands and take a look at our salt supplies.

Salt Supply Near Canonsburg

Meadow Lands has a convenient location for picking up cinders, calcium chloride, anti-skid and cold patch in our salt supply area. If you want a salt supply near Canonsburg, Pennsylvania we are happy to say you found the best. Canonsburg is located less than 20 miles southwest of Pittsburgh with 8,992 residents. The city is situated in rich coal and at one time the working class in the town worked in steel mills and coal mines. Our ice salt is cost-effective along with the rest of our salt supplies. Meadow Lands is a friendly salt supply store.

Canonsburg Salt Supply Store

Meadow Lands will have you ready for Frosty in no time with a salt supply that will last you the winter. If your business needs bulk salt supplies or if your home needs ice salt bags contact us today. If you want exceptional service in a salt supply store and low prices call Meadow Lands Supply at (724) 249-2012. We are available 24/7 to the public. Call when you’re ready to get your salt supplies and let our team go to work for you!

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