Meadow Lands Supply Co. offers the best in residential and commercial limestone supply, stone supply, decorative stone and natural stone. It’s important to us to support local business which is why all of our limestone, natural stone and decorative stone are from local suppliers. From our yard to yours we are a proud to support American made products and materials. Meadow Lands wants to help you beautify your home and landscape with an assortment of stone supply, natural stone and decorative stone. We offer the best limestone which works great as a road base or under slabs because it will compact and drain well. We offer our Canonsburg customers the “Whole 9 yards for all 4 seasons” because we want to supply you with the best in landscape options and decorative stone.

Canonsburg Limestone

Meadow Lands wants to help you get ready for any spring or summer project with a line of products like limestone, natural stone or decorative stone. Canonsburg is known as the “Guntown” with a population of less than 9,000. The city host an annual Fourth of July Parade that is the second largest in the state. We know that a good limestone supply, stone supply and natural stone can help keep your home a focal point of neighborhood interest. We offer limestone that comes in different sizes and grades. If you need help figuring out which stone supply or natural stone will work best just ask one of our helpful team members.

Canonsburg Limestone Supply

Meadow Lands wants to offer Canonsburg residents the best in decorative stone, limestone or any stone supply that you might need for your outdoor project. Landscaping can be a fun and easy way to add beauty to your home. We want to partner with you to make sure you’re ready for any seasonal project with quality stone supply, limestone supply or decorative stone. Meadow Lands offers great rates and you can either chose to have it picked up or delivered depending on the quantity ordered. You can’t go anywhere else and get the same customer service and gorgeous natural stone, decorative stone, stone supply or limestone. We aim to keep our customers happy at Meadow Lands Supply Co. feel free to contact us with any limestone questions.

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