Meadow Lands Supply is the bagged salt store you need for your anti-skid, cinders, calcium chloride, cold patch, and more. Our team has you covered for all bagged salt needs near Carnegie. Our wide range of services is described by our slogan, “The Whole Nine Yards For All 4 Seasons.” Meadow Lands is the most reliable for the bagged salt supply you need near Carnegie.

Carnegie Bagged Salt Supply

Meadow Lands is proud to have the bagged salt Carnegie residents need to stay safe on the icy roads. Carnegie is a beautiful, walkable community with a population of 7,806. Named after Andrew Carnegie, Carnegie, PA has lots of unique shops and restaurants. Trust Meadow Lands as your preferred bagged salt store. Survive the intense ice of the winter with the bagged salt supply from Meadow Lands.

Carnegie Bagged Salt Store

Meadow Lands will not only provide you with the bagged salt you need, but we will educate you on the application process to ensure effective use. We provide the best-bagged salt supply near Carnegie because we believe in the importance of safety. Meadow Lands will give you great value for your money and provide the best solution for your property. Rely on Meadow Lands Supply as your preferred bagged salt store, and you will not be disappointed.
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