When you need a concrete inlet supplier that covers the “Whole 9 Yards in all 4 Seasons,” then make Meadow Lands Supply your concrete inlets source. We separate ourselves from competing concrete inlet suppliers with our range of quality standard and custom concrete inlets at competitive prices. Meadow Lands concrete drain inlets cover a wide range of uses including curbs, walkways and parking lots. Many contractors near Cecil value our convenient location.

Cecil Concrete Drain Inlets

Meadow Lands concrete inlets meet quality standards and will allow for proper drainage. Help prevent future area flooding with the appropriate size and type concrete drain inlets. The beautiful countryside community of Cecil, Pennsylvania is a historic city with several historic sites in the township. Cecil is a suburb of Pittsburgh and has 11,271 residents. Meadow Lands exceeds other concrete inlet suppliers in friendliness, pricing, and reliability.

Cecil Concrete Inlet Supplier

When you need precast or custom concrete inlets, Meadow Lands is a trusted concrete inlet supplier. Get the high-quality concrete drain inlets at contractor pricing. We offer the resources and products builders and contractors are looking for plus hauling or delivery options. Make Meadow Lands Supply your trusted concrete inlet supplier for all your concrete inlets. We welcome all residential builders and commercial contracts, so call (724) 249-2012.

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