When you need an exceptional concrete inlet supplier that stands apart from other concrete inlet suppliers make Meadow Lands Supply your one-stop shop. We offer excellent standard and custom concrete inlets that properly drain excess storm runoff. Meadow Lands drop concrete inlets or curb concrete drain inlets range in size, and as a concrete inlets supplier for Eighty Four area builders and contractors you can expect competitive prices with excellent customer service.

Eighty Four Concrete Drain Inlets

Meadow Lands offers many features and products, including a variety of concrete inlets. The proper size and type of concrete drain inlets can make all the difference in preventing future flooding. The beautiful countryside community of Eighty Four, Pennsylvania has less than 700 residents. Eighty Four is the ideal American small town with classic charm. Meadow Lands surpasses other concrete inlet suppliers in pricing and customer service.

Eighty Four Concrete Inlet Supplier

When you require concrete inlets make Meadow Lands your one and only source for high-quality concrete drain inlets. We offer contractor pricing along with hauling and delivery options for customer convenience. Meadow Lands Supply is the concrete inlet supplier that provides the concrete inlets that cover the “Whole 9 Yards in all 4 Seasons.” When you need the best among concrete inlet suppliers, call (724) 249-2012!

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