Meadow Lands Supply Co. provides clients with the best gravel supply, slag supply or pea gravel for their outdoor landscaping projects. Every spring is a great time to evaluate how to spruce up your yard or business with a ‘facelift’. Let us help you ‘dress up’ your project with the pea gravel, slag or gravel that can make all the difference. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project or even the type of project you’re tackling, our team is here to help you find the right size gravel or slag. If you need underlying support that drains then gravel may be the right choice, but if you’re looking to connect areas with a pathway then slag is an appealing and functional option. Meadow Lands has the best slay supply and gravel supply around. You will not regret contacting us for your gravel supply or slag supply in Eighty Four!

Eighty Four Gravel

Meadow Lands offers larger gravel along with pea size gravel, so whether you’re looking for backfill or home aquarium stone, we have the perfect fit for your project. Pennsylvania winters can wreak havoc on your yard and it’s useful to touch up your landscape with the gravel, slag or pea gravel that keep things looking great. Eighty Four is a small unincorporated town in Pennsylvania. The community is found just 25 miles southwest of Pittsburgh and offers a great country atmosphere with nice rolling hills. Meadow Lands wants to offer Eighty Four residents the best quality gravel supply, slag supply and pea gravel. Our gravel, slag and pea gravel are all offered at reasonable prices.

Eighty Four Slag

Partner with Meadow Lands on your next project. We offer gravel or slag year round and we even offer hauling and delivery for customers. Many of our Eighty Four clients appreciate our ability to deliver their gravel supply and slag supply in a timely manner. Meadow Lands gravel, slag and pea gravel are available for you to stop in and browse. Our slag supply, gravel supply and pea gravel offers you the look and function that helps with longevity of your outdoor project. We chose our products from local sources to make sure you get the best gravel supply or slag supply that supports American businesses. Call Meadow Lands Supply Co. with any questions, we are here to assist you with getting your slag supply, gravel supply and pea gravel.

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