Meadow Lands Supply is honored to be able to offer our customers a convenient location for their premium winter cold patch, pothole repair supply, cold patch supply, and asphalt repair supply needs near Eighty Four. With winter seeming to approach faster and faster each year we want to make sure you have the premium winter cold patch you need for the harsh winter. Allow our excellent team to help keep you safe during the winter months with the most excellent cold patch supply. Meadow Lands is the most reliable premium winter cold patch and asphalt repair supply store in the Eighty Four area!

Eighty Four Asphalt Repair Supply

Eighty Four is a census-designated place in Washington County, Pennsylvania with about 650 people residing there. It is located approximately 25 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. Winter is the time when you should reduce liability to your home. The charming country town provides Eighty Four residents a chance to live peacefully while enjoying the best of nature. Meadow Lands offers the best asphalt repair supply and pothole repair supply that keeps you safe by preventing possible accidents.

Eighty Four Pot Hole Repair Supply

There are many things you can’t control about winter but being prepared is the best way to handle it! Get the bulk winter supplies you need whether its premium winter cold patch or cold patch supply. Meadow Lands wants you to know that we are the winter supply store that supports American made products, including all of our own. Call Meadow Lands Supply now at (724) 249-2012 to get a completely free quote!

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