Meadow Lands Supply is the single destination where residents, business owners, and landscapers in McGovern visit when they are in need of high-quality supply. At Meadow Lands, you will be met with a professional and knowledgeable staff excited to help you with any of your mulch supply needs, whether it be shredded mulch, bark mulch, or hardwood mulch. You will have the ability to choose from our wide assortment of mulch supply to find the perfect fitting mulch for your landscape project in McGovern.

McGovern Mulch

Throughout the entire area surrounding McGovern, you will not be able to locate a mulch supply company that is available 24/7, has friendly staff members and offers multiple different options in mulch supply. McGovern is one of the small towns in Washington County, one of the suburbs of Pittsburgh. This is the type of community where one would love and should place their family roots. Plus, with Meadow Lands located right around the corner from McGovern, you will have constant inspiration to fully customize and design your yard with the impeccable mulch supply that Meadow Lands has to offer.

McGovern Shredded Mulch

Every customer that comes into Meadow Lands or calls has different wants and needs, and we are always ready to help them. Whether you are looking for a delivery of shredded mulch or picking up an assortment of bark mulch and hardwood mulch, Meadow Lands has precisely what you need. No matter the complexity of your project’s needs or the amount of shredded mulch needed, Meadow Lands Supply is the only company near McGovern with exactly what you need. Allow Meadow Lands Supply to earn your trust with a free mulch supply estimate on your next landscape project in McGovern today.
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