Meadow Lands Supply Co. is a company that offers customers top supplies for landscaping options including the best gravel supply, slag supply or pea gravel for their outdoor projects and landscaping. We invite you to come in and speak with us if you need someone to walk you through choosing the right gravel, slag or pea gravel for your next project. We want to help protect the durability of your project. Gravel is a material that compacts well which allow it to be used as a great base for laying roads or even putting in under slabs. Meadow Lands is proud to offer a slag supply that is locally sourced which helps keep cost lower and offers you a wonderful option for a landscape rock. Slag is a great option for a walkway or path. We are ready to get you the gravel supply or slag supply you need for your McMurray home or business project.

McMurray Gravel

We use a certified PA scale to weigh out the gravel supply and slag supply assuring accurate measurements. Meadow Lands offers gravel in an assortment of colors and size so whether you’re in need of backfill or plan on putting in a rock garden, we have the gravel or pea gravel that will be the right choice for your project! McMurray is a small town in Pennsylvania with less than 5,000 residents. This city is also geared toward growth and future development. The rich American history offers a great place to raise a family and grow in the community. Meadow Lands want to offer McMurray residents nothing but top quality gravel supply, slag supply and pea gravel. We want to give you great service and even better gravel, slag and pea gravel at great prices.

McMurray Slag

Many customers say that partnering with Meadow Lands has not only helped with their slag, pea gravel and gravel needs but has helped with other seasonal yard supplies as well. We are here year round to make sure that your gravel or slag needs are met quickly and effectively. McMurray clients enjoy the fact that we can haul and deliver their gravel supply and slag supply. We welcome you to come by Meadow Lands and take a look at our gravel, slag and pea gravel. Our slag supply gravel supply and pea gravel offer you the best in durability and functionality. If you’re looking for a versatile gravel or slag then we encourage you to speak with a team member who can help get the finished result you are hoping for. Call Meadow Lands Supply Co. today, we are here to help you get the slag supply, gravel supply and pea gravel you need!

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