Meadow Lands Supply Co. is a residential and commercial company that helps you beautify your home or offices with bark mulch, shredded mulch, and hardwood mulch. We stock the mulch supply you need to help keep your property looking great. We are here to help you with your landscaping projects and lawn needs. We proudly support local businesses and offer clients American made products and materials that come from local suppliers. Meadow Lands provides the best mulch, shredded mulch and hardwood mulch that will help change the whole look of your home or business. We offer mulch that comes in different sizes, color, and shapes. Meadow Lands mulch supply, hardwood mulch, and shredded mulch are a lovely option for McMurray landscapes. No matter the project, we have the mulch supply that has you covered in no time!

McMurray Mulch

You are getting, “The Whole 9 Yards for All 4 Seasons” when you come to Meadow Lands. If you want to ‘dress up’ your landscape then contact us for the hardwood mulch, shredded mulch or any bark mulch you might need. McMurray is a wonderful community with nearly 5,000 residents and a huge sense of pride in family and community. This amazing city in Pennsylvania is located in the northeastern part of the state and shares the same zip code as Canonsburg. The individuals in McMurray are hardworking Americans who want great schools for families. If you’re looking for a hardworking business that offers the best mulch supply, then contact us today. Furthermore, our mulch is reasonably priced so you can get the mulch supply you need at an affordable price.

McMurray Shredded Mulch

Meadow Lands has connected with many clients to produce landscapes and outdoor projects that are beautiful and picture worthy. We want to help you get the mulch you need for your impressive McMurray landscape. The use of hardwood mulch or shredded mulch adds to the natural appeal of any landscape. Many of our McMurray clients appreciate the element of delivery we provide and recommend us to neighbors and family. If you need help choosing a mulch supply that will look and work best for your project, our team can give you the details about the features of bark mulch, shredded mulch or hardwood mulch. Stop by Meadow Lands and feel free to ask us any questions about our mulch!

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