Meadow Lands Supply Co. is a trustworthy residential and commercial company that provides limestone supply, stone supply, decorative stone and natural stone. We try to keep our clients properties looking nice year-round. We are here to help you with any landscape projects or lawn needs. We are proud supporters of local businesses and offer clients American made products and materials that come from local suppliers. Meadow Lands provides you with the best limestone, decorative rock and natural stone that are an easy way to change the whole look of your home or business. We offer limestone that comes in different sizes and is intended for specific use. Meadow Lands stone supply, natural stone and decorative stone are great ways to improve your McMurray landscapes.

McMurray Limestone

If you want to ‘dress up’ your landscape with a little luxury or natural appeal then contact Meadow Lands for the natural stone, decorative stone or any stone supply you might need. McMurray has less than 5,000 residents but has a big sense of pride in the community. The small Pennsylvania city is located in the northeastern part of the state and shares the same zip code as Canonsburg. If you’re looking for the best limestone supply and stone supply then contact us today! Also, our limestone, stone supply and natural rock are sensibly priced so you can get the rock supply you need for your next landscape project that won’t break the bank.

McMurray Limestone Supply

Meadow Lands has partnered with many clients to create landscapes and outdoor projects that are pleasing to the eye and wallet. We love to help you get the limestone you need for a landscape that is impressive. The use of natural stone or decorative stone adds to the natural beauty of any landscape. Many of our McMurray clients enjoy the fact that we can deliver and recommend us to neighbors, friends and family. If you need help picking a stone supply that will work best for your project our team can give you the details about the features of our limestone supply, stone supply and decorative stone. Stop by Meadow Lands and look at our natural stone, decorative stone, stone supply and limestone supply today. Feel free to ask us any questions about our limestone or stone supply.

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