Meadow Lands Supply prides itself on bringing our customers top-quality construction supply and construction materials. Our construction supply store products are locally sourced. If you are looking for the top construction supply near Peters Township, then contact Meadow Lands for you are the best construction supplies on the market. Our business delivers construction materials for customers and contractors at prices you can appreciate.

Construction Supply Near Peters Township

Meadow Lands construction supply is a top business that those in Peters Township, Pennsylvania, can depend on for top-of-the-line construction supplies that last. The two sub-communities, Mc Murray and Venetia, Peters Township in rural Washington County, PA, are home to more than 21,000 residents. Get the construction supply near Peters Township that is high quality and within budget.

Peters Township Construction Supply Store

Meadow Lands provides a construction supply covering “The Whole 9 Yards for all 4 Seasons.” We deliver construction supplies for residential or commercial. You can depend on being the construction supply store with various construction supplies and materials at affordable prices. Give Meadow Lands Supply a call today with any of your questions.
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