Meadow Lands Supply specializes in high-quality construction supply products and construction materials. As an American based construction supply store, our products are locally sourced and are reasonably priced. Many contractors, builders, and residential do-it-yourselfers find our location convenient for a reliable construction supply near Pittsburgh. Meadow Lands is a top source for construction supplies. Our business delivers for customer and contractor expediency.

Construction Supply Near Pittsburgh

If you are looking for a construction supply source, visit Meadow Land. We are a top business that many in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can trust for high-quality construction supplies. Pittsburgh is a bustling city of 300,286 residents, making it the 66th largest city in the U.S. As a construction supply store, we also maintain the highest service, construction supply, and construction materials at an affordable rate. Get the construction supply near Pittsburgh in every season.

Pittsburgh Construction Supply Store

Meadow Lands delivers the construction supply covering “The Whole 9 Yards for all 4 Seasons.” Get your construction supply near Pittsburgh for all your residential or commercial use. You can count on us to be the construction supply store that exceeds your expectations for construction supplies and construction materials at reasonable prices. Meadow Lands Supply hauls with a Certified Truck Scale to weigh material accurately. Contact us today to request a FREE estimate!

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