Meadow Lands Supply provides top-quality sand from reputable sand supply companies to use for your landscaping needs. We have the sand supply to fulfill any project, whether residential, commercial, or contracted. Meadow Lands has the sand supplies you need, no matter how versatile or extensive the project may be. For example, the sand used for a paver base is quite different from the sand used in a sandbox. Meadow Lands is the obvious sand supplier of choice for the Upper St. Clair area.

Upper St. Clair Sand Supply

Whether you are an Upper St. Clair homeowner excited about a DIY project or a contractor completing a large project, you can depend on the sand supplies at Meadow Lands. Our large sand supply provides what you need. Upper St. Clair is a township in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Located about 8 miles from Pittsburgh, Upper St. Clair has a population of 19,685. Meadow Lands is the sand supplier you can rely on. We take pride in the quality and variety of our sand supply because we want your projects and landscaping to succeed.

Upper St. Clair Sand Supplies

Meadow Lands will help you from selecting the right type of sand to using area measurements to figure out the quantity you need, and we will even deliver the sand if needed! Our sand supplies will fit any season or project. Meadow Lands appreciates your business, whether you are a residential client or a contractor. We are passionate about landscaping needs, and we are here to help! We are proud to offer American made products. Meadow Lands Supply is available as your sand supplier, no matter the season. Please choose from our sand supply today!

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