Meadow Lands Supply Co. is a dedicated business available for you to contact 24/7 for any of your bark mulch, shredded mulch, and hardwood mulch needs. Our team is equipped year-round to help you with your lawn requirements. We are a proud American business that offers products and materials from local suppliers. Meadow Lands carefully selects the best mulch, shredded mulch, and hardwood mulch to make sure your project not only looks amazing but will give you the best quality. We offer mulch that is great for flower beds and for conserving soil moisture which improves the health and fertility of the soil. Meadow Land’s mulch supply is a great way to add beauty to your Washington landscape. We offer both commercial and residential mulch loads available in different sizes, color, and shapes.

Washington Mulch

Meadow Lands will always go the extra mile and give you, “The Whole 9 Yards for All 4 Seasons.” Whenever you’re ready to tackle beatifying your business or home landscape, then contact us for the hardwood mulch, shredded mulch or bark mulch you might need. The delightful city of Washington is known for its history and preservation of values. This Pennsylvania city lies within the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Statistical Area and has approximately 13,700 residents. Washington is a model place to live and work and offers rich antiquity. The town was incorporated in 1810 and provides excellent points of interest like the Bradford house, and Washington and Jefferson College. If you’re looking for the most beautiful mulch supply, bark mulch, and hardwood mulch then we are happy to tell you, you found it!

Washington Shredded Mulch

Meadow Lands wants to partner with you to help create a project that uses premium mulch to preserve and enhance your landscape. So whether you need hardwood mulch or shredded mulch give us a call and we will make sure you get exactly what you want. Many of our Washington clients love the fact that we can deliver and provide hauling services for your trucking needs. If you want to see our mulch supply, bark mulch and shredded mulch stop by today and take a look. Furthermore, our mulch whether it’s hardwood mulch, bark mulch or shredded mulch is reasonably priced so you can get the mulch supply you need this spring without breaking the bank. Stop by Meadow Lands and take a look at our hardwood mulch, shredded mulch, bark mulch and mulch supply.

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